Vision for "Relating to an Awesome God"

There have been numerous things said about the youth of this generation, many of which are very encouraging and exciting. Today’s youth have been called “the Joshua generation,” “the Gideon generation”, “the Elisha generation”, "the Samuel generation” and “the Josiah generation.” But this generation has also been called the faceless, nameless generation, a group that is fatherless, hopeless, and futureless. Rather than listening to what the world is saying about our young people, we need to tune our ears to the frequency of heaven to hear what God says about them! We need to see them with His perspective and recognize their inward treasure. We must not judge them by their outward appearances! When we recognize the value of young people who are chosen by God, we will see the importance of helping them develop their gifts and mature in God’s call upon them.

This manual is a tool to assist young people on their journey of discovering the Lord and His love for them. God is the answer to this generation! He is the Father to the fatherless; the One Who offers a future and a hope. Young people need to see a living Jesus! It is not enough today to simply have pleasant church services with nice sermons. Our gospel should be preached with signs and wonders, demonstrating the power of God (1 Corinthians 4:20 “For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.”). The truth of Jesus will never change, but the way we present Him must change because the audience has changed. I am not talking about entertaining teenagers; I am talking about enabling them to experience the power of God! When they see His love powerfully on display, they will recognize their need of Him, and they will want to be dynamically involved with Him!

Today we have a great need for spiritually mature men and women who are willing to invest time and energy into young people. I call them “bridge builders.” They build bridges between the God of the Bible and the young people of today. They teach teens how to hear the voice of God, how to be in a vibrant relationship with Him, how to worship and pray, and how to understand the Bible. They show them how to live a Spirit-filled life that is pleasing to God, how to serve, and how to love as God does. The youth of today will be tomorrow’s doctors, judges, teachers, athletes, television personalities and political leaders! If we will lay the foundations of God’s kingdom in their lives, they will be able to make significant kingdom differences in places of influence.

THANK YOU for investing into the lives of young people. I pray this manual and “tool kit” will help you minister to them. Please ask the Lord for creative ways to reach the teens in your community. With the help of the Holy Spirit, let’s equip this chosen generation and royal priesthood of believers to live holy lives that please God. May they be among those whom God is not ashamed to call His own — a people who will fear Him, fervently love Him and want desperately to please Him!