Introduction to “Flying Solo”

This book is not an attempt to cover every base regarding the single life, its ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses. Nor is it a manual on “flying solo” toward finding the mate set aside for you! Rather, it is a collection of some of the messages that the Lord has placed on our hearts to share at Singles functions and retreats. We have been asked to put this information in print by a number of people, and feeling especially prompted by the Lord in late 1995 to do so, we are attempting the challenge.

There are a number of excellent books in Christian Bookstores dealing with issues of dating and singleness; we have read some very good ones. So, at the same time thanking you for purchasing this book and reading this material, we also suggest you do further reading as the opportunity arises and as the Lord so leads. We do not claim to be experts on this (or any other!) subject. However, we do have a tender heart for single adults. We believe they are a vital force in the Body of Messiah today, having much to offer – both to the Lord directly, to us in the Body, and to a world that needs Jesus.

Having been single ourselves for many years (Reuven until he was 41, and Yanit until she was 30), we can identify with their needs and struggles, as well as their joy in single-minded service to the Lord.

Our writings are from our personal experiences, from conversing with countless single people, and from reading books and articles dealing with issues relevant to the unmarried.

We speak and write predominantly to mature single adults, but certainly young people will benefit from reading this book. There are principles here that are ageless and applicable to every Believer who loves the Lord, whether young or old. There is, however, material that presupposes a certain level of maturity and wisdom, and that must be taken into account by the younger reader.

Our prayer is that whether you personally are single or not, that you will become more “single” in your walk with the Lord. May your devotion to Him grow, your intimacy with Him flourish, and your passion for Him expand all present borders!

“Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth – for the love of my Beloved is better than wine.” Song of Solomon 1:2