Foreword to “Flying Solo”

I am thrilled that the teaching of Reuven and Yanit Ross is being made available to the Body of Christ on a larger scale. The truths in this book carry a prophetic anointing. My prayer is that churches and ministries geared toward singles and even youth will devour the pages of this book. There are so many Christian singles who have devastated their walk with Christ because of moral impurity. This is a pure word to all true followers of Jesus Christ (Psalms 12:6).

Reuven and Yanit have not just written a book. These truths have been incarnated in their lives. They have lived them out. Those of us who know them personally know this to be absolutely true. The words you are about to read are not just classroom philosophies. They are truths that have the power to set captives free.

Much of their material I have personally preached and taught to literally thousands of young people and college students both on secular and Bible college campuses. Hundreds have been set free and regained their destinies in Christ as they have responded to the truths you are about to read.

Every now and then you meet people you feel the Lord has specifically raised up and given a unique ministry. The Ross’ are people of that calibre. I believe reading this book will be more than just an intellectual exercise; it will be a revelatory message from Jesus to your heart. Get ready to experience His freedom and love!

Gary Grogan
Senior Pastor
Stone Creek Church
Urbana, Illinois